• MAANset
    hand drip coffee set
  • MAANset 手沖咖啡組
  • MAANset
  • MAANset
    hand drip coffee set
  • MAANset 手沖咖啡組
  • MAANset
  • 一組屬於男人的器物。





  • It's for MEN.

    Combining wood and leather, MAANset represents masculine identity invisual and natural character in touch. The whole set is handmade, except the thermometer.

    Our original design of “double-layer” glass dripper makes crystal clear diamond patterns through two-way spiral ridges. Even with high defect rate, our craftsmen conquer the difficulties on the joint technique, especially the burning of irregular edges.

    With this particular designed spout, you can pour out the coffee smoothly without splashing or leftover. This well-design glass hand drip kettle, along with the Merbau wood stand, thermometer and bottle, MAANset, completes the sense of manhood in both visual and function..

  • 手工玻璃 / 鐵木 │

    手吹きガラスのドリッパー / セメルバウ

    Handmade glass / Merbau

    Handmade Double Layer Dripper : Ø 11 cm, H 10 cm

    Bottle: Ø 10 cm, H 16 cm

    Kettle : 22 x 10.5 cm, H 12 cm Tray : 12 x 12 cm, H 4.5 cm

    Accessories : Thermometer x 1 ( °C / °F ), Glass taker x 1

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