• TIPA tea set
  • TIPA 茶器組合 臻藏版
  • TIPA tea set - Deluxe
  • TIPA 茶器組合 臻藏版
  • TIPA 茶器組合 臻藏版
  • 所有的事物都有他們自己存在的方式。


    Tipa 名源自 Tea Pot,以使用需求為導向;閉鎖式活栓的使用,直立式由上而下的茶湯流洩機制,讓茶葉萃取的過程一目瞭然。




  • Everything exists in its own way.

    Re-exam the formation of our product both from the visual sensibility and the sense of practical experience, we try to embrace the balance but not accept the tradition only.

    TIPA named from “Tea Pot” with function oriented design. Through the co-work of stopcock, strain from up to down dripping tea method, you may see how your tea leaves dancing on top and making in action clearly.

    Designed with a special vertical stripes of glass inner filter on top, TIPA Deluxe makes changing tea leaves even more easier. Solid wood-stand and easily assembled combination again is a comfortable design for both using and cleaning.

    With its elegant and fined appearance, Tipa Deluxe not only provides functional demand but also fulfill the desire of display and collection at the same time.

    Meet TIPA tea set - Deluxe. Let it speaks for itself!

  • 黃銅 / 手工耐熱玻璃 / 鐵木 / 鍍純金活栓

    Brass / Hand-made glass / Merbau wood / Gilding stopcock

    Set: H 34±1 cm

    Stand: Ø 25 cm

    Kettle: Ø 9cm, H 15 cm

    Hand-made glass Dripper: Ø 12±1

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